Fed up of expensive childcare so you can work a minimum  through the holidays? Then let us help you

Nursery 'shuts because of free hours plan' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-40660648 Childcare is one of the issues that many families struggle with, and the onset of freehours means ironically that the cost and availability of childcare will actually worsen in many areas from September. But even if there was a surplus of freely available childcare, the story that... Continue Reading →

How Does your Garden Grow?

Have you ever noticed how weeds grow particularly quickly at this time of year? I love gardening but I’m not great at it, it’s something that always gets left to the bottom of the list of things to do, I just put it off until it just has to be done! So when the time... Continue Reading →

Sort your Stuff Out!

Are you one of those people who collects all of your business receipts carefully, then shoves them in a drawer, or a box and ignores them until middle of January when everywhere you look you see the dreaded "Have you done your Tax Return yet?" Well it's your week!   Quickbooks have a massive 70%... Continue Reading →

Little Gifts of Time

Do you feel that some days you just don’t get anywhere fast, every traffic light is red, there are queues of traffic, the car doesn’t start, your child is ill, clients cancel or just don’t turn up, you make calls to people who aren’t there, emails aren’t answered. It is as if today you aren’t... Continue Reading →

How to Curry Favour

Have you ever introduced a child to a new experience? Maybe a different food or a different activity? As parents we do it quite frequently, I know we have over the years. In fact during our Easter Holiday we had an Indian takeaway as a family, as our older children really enjoy curry, but for... Continue Reading →

Power up your Week

This week has been an interesting week for me as it’s it has marked the start of Spring ~ yes, the cricket season is well and truly underway! Now for those of you who aren’t cricket widows this means not only does one’s partner disappear for most of Saturday and sometimes Sunday, there is also... Continue Reading →

Investing in You

I know from bitter experience that when you get stressed and stretched the last person you think about is yourself - because you simply don’t have time, you do anything for anybody else but rarely will you do anything for yourself! Now you may think I’m talking about ME time, which apparently our parents didn’t... Continue Reading →

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