Invest £1 in yourself today.

Feel the Fear and do it anyway is one of those books that you'll find on every good leaders bookshelf, and at the moment, there is a shortened Quickreads version for only £1.  Get it in WHSmiths, Waterstones, or online with amazon here : Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway (Quick Reads 2017)

Are You Afraid?

Fear is a funny thing isn’t it? I was watching a crime thriller with my husband the other night, the type where only a cushion can protect you and it was only afterwards when I hesitated and made sure that the back door was properly locked that I was reminded just how much fear we... Continue Reading →

So when is it Men’s Day?

Over the past few years International women's day is gathering an increasing media profile, always triggering conversation and debate, and the inevitable question that if women want equality, why is there even a Women's day - what about Men's day?  (ps, there really is a men's day, this year it's November 19th). These are always interesting... Continue Reading →

Celebrating our Business Builders

In March we're talking all things Team, it's a wonderful time to celebrate the vital role that our Business Builders play.  At Kids Bee Happy the top ranks are Business Builder, Business Leader, and Business Executive, and the reason we use "Business" in the title is because these people are not only proper business women... Continue Reading →

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