5 Top tips to help you choose a direct sales company

At Kids Bee Happy we describe sand art as a “see-touch” product, no matter how we describe the fun and magic of Sand Art, its not until people see and touch the product that it really makes sense.

This makes sand art perfect for direct sales, or as other call it network marketing. Direct sales and network marketing both really mean the same thing – selling to customers, who you tend to know locally, directly. Rather than through more formal structures such as retail stores. People set up their own small business, buy products, and then sell locally in their communities.

So what makes a good Direct Sales company? Here are our top 5 tips:

1. Do you like the products? Are they good value for money? Even if you had no association with the company, would you continue to be a customer?

2. Avoid any plans from companies that offer rewards or commissions specifically for recruiting additional distributors.

3. Be cautious of plans and companies that ask new distributors on high priced inventory.

4. Beware of plans and companies that claim you’ll make money through the growth of your downline rather than sales of products.

5. Be wary of plans and companies that promise enourmous earnings or claim to sell miracule products.

In short, you should join a direct sales company or network company because you believe in, like and want to sell the products. And think twice about the ones that put lots of pressure on you to recruit.


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