New Free FSB Connect Membership for Kids Bee Happy consultants

The FSB have just this month launched a new membership for people just starting up their first businesses.  Membership is free, just join online here:  FSB Connect Free Membership

And here are 5 good reasons to join why Kids Bee Happy direct sales consultants should register as small business members:

  1. You ARE a small business owner = you’re not just someone that does a bit of Sand Art – you ARE a small business, be proud of it.
  2. Join the UK’s top recognised UK business organisation
  3. Get free local networking, with opportunities to meet regularly with local small business experts.
  4. Membership of the FSB shows your customers that you are a serious business
  5. Have your voice heard in Britain’s biggest business community

And of course – It’s free! – so why wouldn’t you?  Join FSB : Connect Free Membership

So take 2 minutes and do this, then next time you’re filling in a form for a shopping centre of a council that asks you which business organisations you are a member of, you’ll be able to add the FSB and show that you are a recognised small business.


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