Sort your Stuff Out!

Are you one of those people who collects all of your business receipts carefully, then shoves them in a drawer, or a box and ignores them until middle of January when everywhere you look you see the dreaded “Have you done your Tax Return yet?”

Well it’s your week!   Quickbooks have a massive 70% off their online accounting packages meaning you can get your stuff sorted for less than £2 a month.  And that is a really good deal.

And the reason that I like quickbooks so much is that you can do it all from your phone, snap a quick photo of your receipts in the shop and then never panic again about lost bits of paper.  Simply tell the app what the expense is for and that’s it 99% dealt with.  Enter your takings in at the end of the day, its easy, your phone is always with you, which means you can sort this stuff quickly and painlessly via the app.

How easy is that!

So, why are you still reading this – go click the link, it expires in 3 days!!


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